you'll never make me leave

both of those tweets were about my sister and some douchebag went for her and she said no and then he kept texting her and called her a slut and shit and that makes me so mad

I’ve been really angsty on twitter lately


The year is 2020. Robin Thicke’s ten year old son is writing a poem for school. Stumped, the child turns to his father, “Dad, what rhymes with ‘hug me’?” A single tear roles down Robin Thicke’s face as he is confronted with the one question he will never be able to answer.

Baby’s first words :)


baby: y…y..
mom: yeah?
baby: Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very
strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen
(he’s gonna catch em all cuz he’s danny phantom )
When it didnt quite work his
folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it
there was a great big flash
every thing just changed
his molecules got all rearranged
(phantom phantom)

this blu ray box set of The Dark Knight Trilogy is absolutely nothing short of art


I couldn’t resist making this


I couldn’t resist making this


Watch as i Bobin Singh have gone where no man has gone before. I have uncovered the true evil behind snapchat in this eyewitness investigation 


in other news, I haven’t made a video in 3 weeks

i just think that’s so crazy??? I make dumb videos and run a dumb blog but people like me and send me packages and that’s just a lot to process wow

Pokeball - Pokemon