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also u can tell that post is old bc I haven’t used the term “politically correct” in ages

and anyone who has been around long enough to see 15 year old uneducated me knows that I was a fuckin idiot about racial and LGBT issues before I started using tumblr like I literally said that “it was okay that the LGBT community didn’t get representation in media bc we shouldn’t discriminate cis and white people” like I was fucking stupid okay



a lot of people on this website don’t understand that you can have a sexual preference for one specific race and not be sexually attracted to a race without being racist but they just love to jump all over any situation that they can “politically correct”


holy shit okay let’s clear something up
I made this post a year ago, and have since grown and learned and apologized for what I said here. I had no clue that having a preference over a certain race was considered racist, until I actually literally talked to Chrystelle (the person who brought this post back) and she understood that the claims I made were not out of racism, but rather out of ignorance and not being properly educated. I literally have screenshots of mine and Chrystelle’s conversations from last year.
also, I never actually stated that I had a racial preference??? I don’t and I never have. one of my friends on tumblr (you guys might know who) from last year was getting flack for it, and me being a uneducated 15 year old at the time, made this dumb post, which I’ve apologized for sooo many times. I grew up, I learned how wrong this is, and I’ve apologized.

good night u koffings

You're an avid nintendo fan, but what other games and companies do you really like? Are you into FPS games or RPG games?

I really love the Portal series and I play a lot of COD MW3 multiplayer, Trials Evolution, Bully, and Plants vs. Zombies. Also Batman Arkham Asylum was really good

How should I respond to a guy asking for nudes?

if you’re not comfortable, let him know and if he makes a stink out of it, don’t talk to him bc he’s a piece of shit. if you are comfortable, just be careful bc sometimes guys will use nudes as blackmail or leak them which is awful.

fuck tumblr user kodugh for sending me the entire shrek the third script

mario kart 7 is a really really solid game like probably one of my favorite handheld games ever

why do people like to hate on other people??? we’re getting remakes of the Hoenn region for 3DS, isn’t that enough for you guys to be happy???

How do you get over a relationship?

I would say by just focusing your mind on other things and having cool people around

Pokeball - Pokemon